Helping the Community

The EnVision App is the way to help people pave a path toward economic self-sufficiency.

A Path to Economic Self Sufficiency

Eliminating generational poverty requires a fundamental change in culture and approach.

Initial Assistance Categories:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Child Education
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare Access
  • Child Care
  • Financial Management
  • Support System
  • Legal Aid
  • Relationship Safety
The Intent of EnVision

The EnVision App is an easy-to-use platform that enables people to assess their needs and connect with the best local programs to equip and empower them toward self-sufficiency and economic mobility.
Why it Matters

By integrating services and providing individualized roadmaps, EnVision helps countless families move towards self-sufficiency and achieve their life goals.
EnVision provides an innovative "systems" approach that leverages modern technology and crowdsourcing within local communities across the country.

Who is Using the EnVision App?

The main users of the App are individuals and heads of household who are trying to better their life situations.

Other users include case managers; counselors; life coaches; community and ministry leaders; service providers; philanthropic organizations; federal, state, and local government service program managers, policy makers, and legislators.

Everyone has a place in EnVision!

Value for the Whole Community

Community Rewards: The Key to Success

Community Rewards are a way to recognize the achievements of EnVision App participants.

Via the EnVision App, users demonstrate their success on the path to self-sufficiency and economic prosperity.

Through the accomplishment of self-selected actions users accumulate "points" that they can redeem for a wide range of rewards.

Rewards take many forms from coupons and special event access to loans for personal transportation, home purchases, and small business start-ups.

Via EnVision, participants’ actions and accomplishments become a new form of collateral recognized by merchants, banks, employers, and others.

Bonus Points Through Verification

Earn Bonus Points!

When someone of authority verifies a participant’s accomplishments, it adds value.

To recognize that value, the EnVision App adds Bonus Points to participants’ account.

As points accumulate, they can be redeemed for a wide range of Community Rewards.

Build a Record of Accomplishment

One of the goals of EnVision is to help participants build a record of accomplishment that shows their progress toward self-sustainment.

The goal is for others – many others – to believe in participants and their aspirations and to help them with their needs.

By showing what they’ve done – and having it verified – participants quickly gain the trust, confidence, and support of community leaders and institutions.

There are two types of verification

Acknowledgements. When someone states that an event occurred. For example, a caseworker stating that a meeting actually occurred and was productive.

Certification copies. When someone provides a copy of an original document relating to an event. For instance, a school providing a copy of a certificate, report card, or diploma.